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Date: 6/6/2016

Title: Desert Heat

After a cool and wet May for many areas of the lower 48 states, June has been off to a very warm start for many in the far west and Desert Southwest. In addition to the heat, record breaking rains hit Texas and tropical storm activity picked up with Tropical Storm Colin.

Colin will bring heavy rains (some needed) to portions of Florida and other areas of the southeastern states. 

The new month of June, the signs of summer finally have arrived with the heat in the west and the tropical activity in the south and southeast.  Temperatures soared to well over 100F in portions of California, Arizona and Nevada. Some of this desert heat will expand north and east into the Rockies and High Plains this week and into the following weekend.

The heat will increase the rate of snowmelt in the mountains of Wyoming, Montana and Colorado over the next two weeks. This will result in the peak runoff on the major rivers of the Rockies and Plains causing some flooding concerns, especially in Wyoming and Colorado. 

The deserts of California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico should be prepared for very hot weather conditions as high temperatures between 105F to 115F will be possible this week and next.

Heat will expand rapidly by mid to late in the week as temperatures will reach the 90s to near 100 across the North Plains. The Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma and Missouri will experience the warmest temperatures of the season to date.  

A break in the heavy rains (at least for a short while) will develop across rain soaked Texas this week. 

Beef producers in the Desert Southwest, Rockies and Northern Plains should be ready for some of the hottest temperatures of the early summer season so far.