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Date: 8/15/2016

Title: Cool August Temperatures for Nation’s Midsection

A series of cool fronts promise to put the brakes on any hot weather for many areas in the middle of the nation for the next couple of weeks. 

From the east slopes of the Rockies and into the Plains and western areas of the Corn Belt, temperatures are going to be moderated by a series of cool air surges out of western Canada. 

The graphic below highlights the expected temperature pattern over the next ten days. The blue areas represent cooler than normal temperatures while yellow and orange represent above normal temperatures. 

A large arch of cooler than normal temperatures from southern Canada to the Texas Gulf Coast region is expected for the last half of the month. Conversely, it looks quite warm for both the East and West Coast. 

Precipitation is expected to be abundant in many areas of the USA over the next 45 days. The graphic below shows expected precipitation through September 26th.

Heavy rainfall (shown in purple) is expected in Old Mexico, the Gulf Coast (Louisiana rains) as well as significant rains in the Midwest, Corn Belt and most of the nation east of the Rockies.

Very warm and dry conditions are likely going to persist in California and portions of the Great Basin through the rest of August.