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Date: 8/22/2016

Title: A Peak into Fall

With the fall season right around the corner we have decided to take a look at what the nation may experience as we head into September, October and November.

A pattern is emerging which suggests that the fall may be cool and unsettled from the Rockies,  Plains and western Corn Belt while the far east areas of the nation will have an extended summer season.

The last two weeks have given us some “hints” on how September and October may unfold. Two strong cold fronts have moved into Rockies and High Plains over the past two weeks bringing some record cold and even some high country snowfall in Montana and Wyoming. It appears that a persistent pattern of weekly cold fronts will continue for the rest of August and into September for the Northern and Central Rockies and the western High Plains. 

One long range model suggests this will continue into September, October and November.  The graphic below shows expected below normal temperatures in blue and above normal temperatures in red. As you can see the far west, Rockies and Plains have a strong likelihood of below normal temperatures. 

For folks in the Midwest and East Coast areas, it looks like summer will extend into the fall season with above normal temperatures expected.

Precipitation in many areas is expected to be above normal in many of the areas of the nation that are going to be cool. An enhanced area of precipitation in Rockies and adjacent Plains looks likely and hopefully a wet fall season is in store for the far west including California. 

While the model shows below normal precipitation in the Southeast, this may not come to pass if a more active tropical storm/hurricane season develops which is looking more and more likely.