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Date: 9/6/2016

Title: Big Desert Rain

Over the weekend, Tropical Storm Newton developed in the far eastern Pacific just off the southwest coast of Mexico.

Newton is expected to drift northward into the Baja of California and lift northeast into northern Mexico and then move even more northward into Arizona and New Mexico by mid to late this week.

Late summer and early fall is the time of year that tropical systems have the best chances to reach the Desert Southwest. However, it is not an yearly occurrence that tropical storms reach the Southwest USA as it takes the right set of circumstances to bring those storms far enough northward to bring rain and thunderstorms.

All indications suggest that Newton has a very good chance of being one of those late summer season tropical storms that can reach the Desert Southwest.

Beef producers in Arizona, New Mexico and into west Texas should be prepared for the threat of very heavy rainfall and possible flash flooding this week. Rainfall amounts could be in excess of two to five inches in some areas. 

With more tropical disturbances forming in the eastern Pacific over the coming weeks it is possible that more tropical moisture could move into the Southwest USA before the fall season is over.