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Date: 10/10/2016

Title: Wet Weather for Pacific Northwest and Portions of California

At this time of year we begin to see stronger and more frequent storminess move into western Canada and the Pacific Northwest as we get deeper and deeper into the fall season.  

Over the past thirty days precipitation has increased across the Northern Rockies and Pacific Northwest. The graphic below highlights areas of enhanced precipitation over the past month. Portions of the Pacific Northwest as well as Idaho, Montana and the western Dakotas have picked some decent amounts of precipitation over the past thirty days. Dry conditions once again persisted in central and many areas of southern California. Central and southern areas of New Mexico picked up good amounts of rain as well.

Over the next two weeks, stormy weather will be moving into the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies. In addition to rainfall, some significant mountain snows are possible as well. Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana should expect some wet weather. California will finally get into some needed rain. Wet weather will develop over central and northern California this week with even a few showers possible in southern California. 

The higher elevations of the central and northern Sierras will see their first decent snows of the fall season.

Believe or not, snow in the northern latitudes is beginning to add up. The graphic below shows snow cover in the northern hemisphere through October 9th. The snow cover in Siberia is a sign that cold air is building in the higher latitudes.