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Date: 10/17/2016

Title: Pacific Northwest Storm

Last week we discussed the potential for a big storm to hit the Pacific Northwest Coast. Indeed, a very storm pattern hit Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and portions of northern and central California. A very impressive amount of early fall rain fell as well as heavy snows in the higher mountains. 

The stormy weather was partly due to the remains of Super Typhoon Songda that moved from the western Pacific right into the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Power jet stream winds also aided in the heavy precipitation and very strong wind. Some wind gusts of over 100 mph were reported along the coasts of Washington and Oregon.

The graphic below shows precipitation since the beginning of the water year (October 1) across the Pacific Northwest and Rockies.  Some portions of the Northwest USA have received six times the normal amount of precipitation for the year so far. Already, over 20 inches of precipitation has fallen in the higher elevations of Washington and Oregon.

Even portions of central and northern California have picked up some good amounts of rain and high Sierra Nevada snows.

There are indications there will be more wet weather for the Pacific Northwest and west coast areas in the coming weeks as the Pacific Basin is full of activity which could translate into more stormy weather for the far west. The satellite image below highlights the high activity the southern and western Pacific.