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Date: 11/16/2016

Title: Big Changes Coming to USA Weather

The very strong and persistent high pressure system that has provided unseasonably warm and dry for most of the nation so far this month is rapidly breaking down. As the high pressure weakens, the door to the Pacific and Canada will open. This open door will bring about major change weather wise to all of North America in coming weeks.

While the USA has basked in sunshine and warmer than normal conditions for almost a full month, the opposite has been the case on the other side of the hemisphere. A long stretch of colder than normal temperatures and above normal snowfall has dominated the weather pattern across most of Europe, Russia, Siberia and central and northern Asia.

The persistent cold and snow in the areas referenced above has caused a large pool of cold air to develop over the eastern areas of the northern hemisphere. Over the past few weeks a log jam of cold air and storms over the Pacific and the Far East has developed. With high pressure breaking down, the log jam will break allowing the cold and stormy weather to migrate east across the Pacific and into the USA as well as allowing more cold to filter in from Canada and the Northwest Territories.

The end result will be much colder temperatures, rain, snow and wind for most of the nation beginning late this week and persisting into Thanksgiving week and into early December. Beef producers should be prepared for an abrupt change to conditions that may be stressful on young and weak livestock. 

The worst of the weather will develop in the Rockies and High Plains by late in the week. Cold and some rain/snow and wind will then progress west to east across the rest of the lower 48 states by this weekend and into next week.

After a long stretch of very mild and dry fall weather, be prepared for a taste of winter over most of the nation in coming weeks.