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Date: 11/28/2016

Title: Much Needed Rain for the Southeast

Since late spring, the southeastern USA has suffered through a severe drought. The most recent drought monitor shows areas of the drought across the USA. Two areas of severe drought are apparent. The California drought remains in place and a larger area of drought across Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee and into surrounding states. The heavy rains from tropical storm and hurricane activity this year was not able to penetrate into the southeast.

The graphic below highlights the rainfall deficits and the amount of rain needed to get precipitation levels back to normal. The worst hit areas are in purple where the rainfall deficits are between 12 to 15 inches. A very large area surrounds the driest areas with 9 to 12 inch deficits.

Finally, after a long, hot and dry summer and a warm and dry fall, some good rains are expected to develop over the next ten days as active storm pattern will move off the west coast and across the lower 48 states. A farther shift south in the jet stream pattern will allow storms to tap into the Gulf of Mexico helping to pump moisture northward into the southeastern states.

The ten day precipitation forecast is below and highlights moderate to heavy rainfall to many areas over the next week to ten days.