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Date: 12/7/2016

Title: Arctic to Unleash the Cold

The coming days and weeks will bring the coldest air of the season to most of the nation as several surges of very cold air will plunge southward into the lower 48 states.

The first salvo of cold had its beginnings on the Alaskan North Slope where very cold air has been building for the last several weeks. Snow, wind and subzero temperatures and wind chills will plague stock growers in the Rockies and the Northern/Central Plains early in the week. 

Some areas of the Central and Northern Rockies could see overnight lows in the –20 to –30F range in the western basins and mountain valleys.

The cold air will spread to the Deep South and will push across the Corn Belt, Midwest, Great Lakes and eventually New England by the end of the week. For many, this wave of cold will be the coldest of the season.

For most of late October and November the coldest air was on the other side of the globe, most notably across northern Asia, Russia and Siberia. However, over the past week, there has been a shift of the colder air in the eastern hemisphere to the western hemisphere. All indications suggest that a core of cold air will reside over a large portion of Canada and parts of the western and central areas of the USA.

Beef producers should be prepared for a prolonged spell of much colder and active weather cost to cost this week and next. Stressful livestock weather conditions will be likely for many, especially in the Rockies and the Northern and Central Plains. However, as far south as Texas and as far east as the Great Lakes, stock growers should be ready for winter weather conditions.

In addition to very cold temperatures and wind chills, there will be areas of snow and ice dropping as far south as Interstate 70 or perhaps even as far south as Interstate 40.