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Date: 1/8/2018

Title: Rain for the West-Snow in the Rockies

There is good and bad news for California. The good news, more rain is on the way the bad news, more rain is on the way.

The rain, which started early in the week will bring much needed rain to all of California as well as many areas of the Desert Southwest. The bad news is that some of the rain will fall, heavy at times over the fire ravaged areas of central and southern California. Mud slides and flooding problems will commence this week and more opportunities for rain will move into the western states in the coming weeks.

The graphic below highlights total precipitation forecast through Thursday across North America.

The blue, purple and red areas in the far west highlight areas of heavy precipitation. Beef producers in the far west should be prepared for some wet weather as well as some big snows in the Sierras, Cascades and the central and southern Rockies will be picking up some much-needed rainfall.

Also note the areas of blue in the Midwest and Southeast, those areas will be experiencing a mix of snow/ice/rain this week and into the weekend. Although the severe Arctic cold that has been persisting in the central and east is easing there will be high potential for lots of winter weather conditions that will result in stressful livestock conditions at times.

There is still plenty of cold air available in Canada to move south into the lower 48 states this week and over the next several weeks as a very active winter weather pattern is expected.

Much needed snow will return this week to the Rockies where snow pack conditions have been suffering some over the past month.