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Date: 2/20/2018

Title: Cold and Wet California?

The winter has been a dry and warm one in California. With the exception of big storm in January that brought the mudslides, very little rain has fallen in the Golden State since then.

The graphic below shows lot of yellow, red and orange (dryness) so far this winter in the west and southwest.

However, for the last week of February and into early March a stormy weather pattern will be developing in the eastern Pacific and may result in needed rainfall and mountain snow in the far western states including California.

In addition to the increase in chances for rainfall, temperatures in the far western states are going to be much colder than normal as well.

A major shift in the jet stream pattern will shift very cold air out of central Canada and will push it southwest into the western states this week and into next week.

As recently as this week, freeze and frost warnings have been issued for portions of California.

While cold will dominate in the west, temperatures will be well above normal in the east. A reversal from what we have seen so far this winter.

Below is a 10-day outlook on expected temperature trends across North America.

The good news is that while it will be colder in the far west, much needed precipitation will be on the way.