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Date: 3/19/2018

Title: Getting More Wet in the West

The last couple of weeks has been wet in the far western areas of the USA which has helped to alleviate growing dryness that developed this winter, especially in California. Coastal rains and recent heavy mountain snows in the Sierras have helped the far west turn the corner late this winter season.

As you have been hearing on the news the New England and northeast areas of the USA have been having one storm after another will more to come! The more recent snow cover chart below is quite impressive considering how late it is in the snow season. The snow cover in the Northern Plains has been persistent all winter long.  New England and the Great Lakes region will likely hold on to snow cover right through the end of the month.

Through the remainder of March and into the beginning of April we are expecting that current trends will persist. This is good news for California and portions of the interior west as more rain/snow Is in the way. More storminess is also likely in New England and portions of the East Coast.

While the news is better for areas of the far west and the Northern Plains in regards to getting more rain/snow, the news is not as good for the Southern Plains where drier than normal conditions are likely to persist in portions of Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico.