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Date: 3/26/2018

Title: Winter Hanging On

By Don Day, Jr., Meteorologist 

Although the spring season officially began last week, winter will refusing to leave completely. Despite a small break in the wintry weather for parts of the nation early this week, all indications suggest that colder, wet and unsettled weather will return to many areas of the nation by Easter Weekend.

The graphic below shows a long range forecast for early April. Notice the large swath of blue and green across North America. The blue and green areas represent colder than normal temperatures for early April. All of Canada will be very cold and from the Northern Plains to the Midwest and East it will be a cold start to April.

In addition to the colder than normal temperatures beef producers should be ready for wet conditions areas well from the Plains and points east. In the far west and southwest, temperatures will be warmer and conditions will be drier into early April.

For stock growers who will be into calving operations in the coming two to three weeks should be prepared for some rough weather at times with bouts of cold and wet coming for a large portion of the nation and Canada from the Rockies and points east.