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Date: 4/2/2018

Title: A Cold Start to the New Month

By Don Day Jr., Meteorologist

March ended with lots of cold and snow for many areas of the nation, especially in the Midwest and the east. Stormy and cold weather closed the month of March in the Northern Rockies and the Northern Plains as well. In many areas there has been more snow than rain in late March and the early days of April.

Beef producers need to stay on their toes during the first half of April as stormy weather is likely to persist. Temperatures are likely going to be much colder than normal from the east slopes of the Rockies to the Plains to the Great Lakes and to New England. The possibility of late season snow is high in many areas as a pocket of cold air will remains well entrenched across the central and eastern Canada in the Hudson Bay area.

The pool of cold air in Canada will feed more cold into the USA for the next two weeks keeping temperatures cold and spring snow chances high.

The graphic below shows forecasted temperatures relative to normal through April 11. Notice all the blue, green and purple (cold) from the Northern Plains and points east.

Stock growers in the Northern Plains, Corn Belt, Great Lakes and east need to be ready for winter to hang on a little longer.