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Date: 5/21/2018

Title: Wet Spots & Dry Spots

By Don Day, Jr., Meteorologist

The month of May has been warmer than average for many areas of the U.S. after a very chilly April. May has also brought a hodgepodge of wet areas and dry areas to many areas of the nation as well.

Over the past few weeks some much needed springtime rain has been observed over portions of the western High Plains and Rockies. Some locations, especially in Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado have reversed the drier than normal conditions that were in place since Jan. 1.

The graphic below shows precipitation amounts relative to normal since April 20. Notice the two large areas of blue in Wyoming, northeast Colorado, Nebraska and many areas of Montana. These areas of precipitation represent areas that have received over 200% of normal precipitation over the past 30 days. Notice a few specks of green and blue in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas where some needed rain has also fallen.
Another wet area has developed over southern Minnesota and Wisconsin as well as northern Iowa.

On the flip side dryness has persisted in the southern Rockies of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, portions of east Texas and most of the Pacific Northwest and California.
Another area of concern will dryness is developing over portions of Illinois, Indiana and portions of Missouri. 

For the remainder of May, odds are high that the wet areas highlighted above will receive more rainfall while the dry areas will continue to exhibit a trend toward drier than normal conditions for the next week to ten days.