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Date: 7/16/2018

Title: Rest of July

By Don Day, Jr., Meteorologist

As we head into the second half of July many are wondering if the heat of late June and early July will persist for the last two weeks of the month. The answer is yes, more heat if you are in the far western states and far eastern states and no if you are in the central portions of the U.S.

The graphic below shows temperatures so far for the year relative to normal since Jan. 1. The blue and green areas have been the most cool (Northern Plains, Great Lakes) while the orange areas have been the warmest (Central and Southern Rockies/Great Basin). The white areas have experienced near normal temperatures since Jan. 1. 

Since June, hot weather has dominated in many areas in contrast to the colder temperatures we had this spring (especially in April). Despite the heat, however, precipitation has been adequate in some areas although many dry areas continue in the Southern Plains and Southern Rockies. 

While many dry areas persist, precipitation over the past 30 days has increased in many areas. The graphic below shows precipitation over the past month.

The large areas of blue, green and white show normal to above average rainfall while the red, brown and gray areas show locations that have been the driest. 

Looking ahead, all indications suggest that the hottest temperatures and driest conditions will be found in the far west and far east while cooler than normal temperatures are headed to the nations’ midsection as you can see in the long-range forecast below.