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Date: 8/6/2018

Title: Drought Update

As we head into the homestretch for the remainder of the summer season let’s look at where we are with drought conditions across the U.S. Below is the most recent drought status update. While most of the key growing areas of the country are white (adequate soil moisture), we have had some drought development in most of Missouri and portions of eastern Kansas. The Missouri/Kansas drought areas have developed since spring, while the persistent drought areas in the (red/brown) in the Southern Plains and the Desert Southwest have been in place since winter. 

Since spring and the beginning of summer there has been a big improvement in drought conditions in Montana and the Dakotas. Those areas a year ago were in an extreme drought situation. The outlook for the rest of summer and into early fall suggests we not see too many changes in this current map a month from now except in a few areas.

For the next two weeks rain chances are looking better for Texas and some portions of the Desert Southwest while it will continue to wet in the southcentral and southeast areas of the country as you can see in the graphic below (green/blue areas).

It will be drier relative to normal over the Northern Plains, portions of the Rockies and Florida (brown/gray areas).