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Date: 8/13/2018

Title: Smoky Skies

By Don Day, Jr., Meteorologist

It has been another very active wildfire season in the western states this summer. California and many areas of the central and southern Rockies have had to endure another season of numerous and large wildfires. 

For those who live in the western states, having hazy, smoky skies during a summer season is to be expected, however, many other areas of the nation have been impacted by the western fires with poor air quality and limited visibility. 

The graphic below shows how large and extensive the smoke plumes have been this summer. Notice the coast to coast plume of smoke cover most of the lower 48 states and almost all of Canada.

The combination of weak winds aloft and normal summer time high pressure tends to disperse the smoke very slowly. Until we reach late August or early September when cold fronts become more frequent (to push away the smoke) we will continue to be plagued by the hazy conditions. 

The graphic below shows the areas of the nation where wildfire potential will remain high into the month of September.

The Far West and the Pacific Northwest have above normal chances for more wildfires before the season ends this fall.