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Date: 8/27/2018

Title: August Snow?

By Don Day, Jr., Meteorologist

A late summer cold front will roll through the Rockies for the beginning of the week bringing the first snows of the late summer season to the mountains of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming this weekend. Snow levels could be as low as 8,500 feet in Yellowstone National Park early in the week!

The graphic below shows where snowfall is expected. Notice the snow in the Canadian Rockies as well. While many of you may be fretting this early season taste of winter, it is good news regarding reducing the barrage of smoky and hazy conditions that have been plaguing a large part of the western and northern portions of the nation. The change to colder and wet conditions will go a long way in helping reduce forest fire activity in the far western and northwestern states as well as western Canada.

For the month of August precipitation has been plentiful for many areas along and east of the Continental Divide but it has been much drier west of the divide which has been part of the wildfire problems this summer.

The green and blue show above normal precipitation in August while the brown and gray areas show the drier conditions across the Pacific Northwest and other portions of the western slopes.