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Date: 9/5/2018

Title: Wet Weather in the Midwest

It has been very wet in the Corn Belt and Upper Midwest over the past few weeks. Rainfall has been excessive in some areas, especially in eastern Nebraska, Iowa and portions of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Even some of the dry areas of Missouri and eastern Kansas have received significant rainfall as a moist southwest wind flow from the Southern Plains has led to a lot of rain and thunderstorm activity. In the graphic below notice the east-west band of heavy rainfall since May from Nebraska to Iowa and portions of southern Minnesota and Wisconsin.


For the nation as a whole, the graphic below shows a lot of blue and green (above normal precipitation) over the past 30 days from the east slopes of the Rockies to the central and eastern areas of the U.S. West of the Rockies and along the west coast, very dry conditions have persisted over the past month (areas of brown and red).


The wet weather in the nation’s midsection has improved soil moisture profiles as we head into the end of the growing season. The green areas represent above normal soil moisture while the yellow and orange areas show soil moisture deficits.