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Date: 9/17/2018

Title: Colder Weather Coming Late September

September has been quite warm so far for many areas of the USA in the western states and far east while a sliver of colder than normal temperatures have been reported over the central and southcentral areas of the country.


 The return to hot and dry weather has led to a resurgence of wildfire activity in the Rockies, while cooler temperatures have helped to reduce wildfire activity in the Pacific Northwest. Notice in the graphic above that most of the northern tier of the USA has been warmer than normal with no penetration of cold surges out of Canada so far.
Most of central and western Canada has been colder than normal this month, however, the cold air over Canada has not had a chance to make a move south into the region. The warm September temperatures and coincided with very dry conditions as well, especially in the High Plains and Rockies.
While temperatures are expected to remain very warm in many areas for another week, beef producers in the far north, northwest and Rockies should be prepared for colder temperatures and an increased chance for showers by the middle to the end of next week.
Long range models show a strong penetration of cold in the Northern Plains and Rockies by the middle of next week. See the shot of colder than normal temperatures by next Wednesday. Beef producers be prepared for the first real salvo of fall weather by the middle to end of next week.