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Date: 10/1/2018

Title: A lot Happening Next Two Weeks

October is usually a month of change and this October is no exception. Over the course of the next two weeks there will be a very active weather pattern and a wide variety of weather events.

Desert Southwest – The remains of Hurricane Rosa will drift in the Desert Southwest and portions of the Rockies early in the week. Widespread rain and thunderstorm activity could bring heavy rains to the deserts of Arizona, California and Nevada. Significant rains may also fall in Utah and portions of New Mexico. The remains of Rosa will also help to diminish wildfire activity currently raging in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Idaho. Beef producers in the areas mentioned above should be prepared for cooler and wet weather.

Corn Belt/Midwest – moisture moving northeast into the Midwest and Corn Belt could bring a significant amount of rainfall to portions of the Corn Belt that already have wet conditions. With harvest getting underway there will be some wet and muddy fields, especially in portions of South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. The graphic below shows precipitation amounts since May 1. Notice the heavy east to west band of heavier precipitation this growing season in the northcentral areas of the Corn Belt With more rain on the way, there may be harvest delays.

Cold and Snow – late in the weekend and early next week a large and cold storm system will settle in from the Pacific Northwest. Falling temperatures and areas of rain/snow will develop over the Northern Rockies and portions of the Northern Plains. Beef producers in Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas and possibly Nebraska and Colorado should be prepared for colder and wet conditions and possibly some snow by late this weekend and into early next week.