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Date: 11/5/2018

Title: Cold Weather Coming

As we alluded to in our November outlook that colder weather was coming for many in November, be ready for much colder temperatures over the next week and likely the next two weeks.

Beef producers should prepare for the onset of winter conditions from the east slopes of the Rockies and into the nation’s midsection and all the way to the East Coast this week and into the middle part of the month. In addition to the colder temperatures, stock growers should be ready for episodes of rain/snow or ice.

The graphic below highlights the coldest areas (green and blue). Notice the core of the cold settling into the Dakotas and Upper Midwestern states.  Only Florida and California over the next week to ten days will have above average temperatures. All indications suggest most of Canada and the lower 48 states will experience a cold stretch of weather in the coming weeks. Beef producers with young, weak or newborn livestock should prepare for the beginnings of a winter pattern.