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Date: 11/27/2018

Title: Winter Weather in Full Swing

While the official start of winter is not until December 21, winter weather has been prevalent already this fall season. The Thanksgiving weekend brought a myriad of winter weather conditions to many areas of the United States closing highways and canceling flights across the West and Midwest.

For the first 25 days of November temperatures across most of the lower 48 states have been far below normal. As you can see in the graphic below, the average temperature for November has been far below normal. All the green and blue areas represent the colder than normal temperatures.

The large swath of green in the nation’s midsection is quite impressive. Only Florida and the West Coast has had a warmer than average November.

The outlook for the remaining days of November and early December look cold for most of the nation. If the cold trend continues this November will be the coldest November since 2014.

Beef producers across the nation should be prepared for more periods of cold and sometimes snowy weather as we head into December