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Date: 12/4/2018

Title: Busy Week of Winter Weather in the South

December will be off to a cold and stormy start coast to coast this week as a winter weather pattern has developed and will hold firm for a solid week.

Over the weekend, a strong storm system in the Upper Plains helped to push the jet stream far south into the lower 48 states. From California to the Midwest, cold air plunged south out of Canada and into the far west and central states over the weekend. This cold air will expand eastward and will cover most of the lower 48 states by the weekend.

Beef producers should be prepared for colder than normal temperatures through the weekend and into early next week over all the lower 48 states. In addition to the colder temperatures and wind chills, there will be an increased chance for snow, ice and rain across the southern tier of the United States by mid to late in the week and over the weekend.

Winter will advance much farther south into the United States than what we have experienced so far this season. Snow and ice will be developing across the Southern Plains by midweek and will advance eastward over the weekend.

For beef producers in the south, expect areas of rain/snow/ice to develop across Texas and Oklahoma by midweek. The winter weather will then spread east into Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia. By the weekend the Carolinas will get into the act as well.

There is a real threat that ice and snow will penetrate as far south as the states mentioned above by late this week and into the weekend.