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Date: 2/4/2019

Title: Round 2 of Cold On the Way

Temperatures have rebounded dramatically after last week’s Polar Vortex that invaded the Upper Midwest, Great Lakes and Plains.  The turn from record cold to above normal temperatures was quite dramatic, however, can we expect it to last?
From what we are seeing in long term trends, the answer is no, we have plenty of cold and wintry weather left to come and beef producers need to pay close attention to weather forecasts in the coming weeks and winter will not go out quietly this year.
Another cold air mass is building over Canada and over the weekend it began to move into the Northern Rockies and the Dakotas. As the next two weeks unfold, cold will overspread most of the western and central areas of USA.  The graphic below shows the cold moving south over the next week. The blue, green and purple areas show the cold. The purple areas represent sub zero temperatures.

 By the following week, cold temperatures become more entrenched and push east as you can see in the graphic below. Only Florida and portions of the southeast will have near average temperatures. You can also expect, areas of snow and freezing precipitation in the cold areas during this period.

 Looking all the way into the middle of March you can see that the colder than normal temperatures will hold. While there will be brief warming trends, they will likely not last long. Beef producers should be prepared for a long duration of colder than normal temperatures especially from the Upper Midwest to the Northern Plains and Northern Rockies.