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Date: 2/25/2019

Title: Cold Continues into Early March

February will go down as one of the coldest and snowiest months in recent memory across portions of the Upper Midwest and Northern Plains. Beef producers across the Northern Rockies eastward through the Dakotas, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota have suffered through some brutal weather over the past several weeks.

                Unfortunately, March is going to start off with more snow and cold in the same areas as mentioned above. Stock growers are going to have to be prepared for colder than normal temperatures and more snow chances that will be stressful on livestock. There will also be a penetration of cold and snow farther south into the Central Rockies, Corn Belt and East during the first half of the new month.

                The graphic below shows the temperature forecast for the coming week. The deep purple areas show the core of the coldest temperatures with blue and green also representing colder than normal temperatures. Bitter cold temperatures and wind chills will plague a large swath of the Northern Plains, Northern Rockies and Central Plains as well.

For the second week of March temperatures may not be as severe, however, they will remain well below normal in many areas of the nation through the middle of the month as you can see below.

Only the Desert Southwest will be slightly above average through the first half of March.