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Date: 3/4/2019

Title: Stormy March Weather

Traditionally the month of March can be stormy. As the Earth tilts back closer to the sun and as we get closer to spring, the contrast between the cold winter air over the higher latitudes mixing with the warmer air near the equator can lead to a very active weather pattern across the USA.

This past weekend brought record cold and more snow to the Rockies and Plains states while a deadly tornado outbreak hit south. As the Pacific churns out more storms, cold will slide south out of Canada. The stage is set for a stormy pattern over the coming weeks.

It has been a very trying last two months for many beef producers across the USA, especially in the northern states. The severe cold, snow and wind has been very stressful on livestock. Unfortunately, the outlook for the next two weeks is a double-edged sword. While temperatures will not be a cold, the chances for more snow and stormy weather remain high.

The graphic below shows the severe cold over the past week. The purple areas show temperatures that have been as much as 30 to 45 degrees below normal! This cold will slowly ease over the coming weeks; however, Pacific storm activity will be picking up.

There is plenty of cold over Canada that will be slow to erode, which means any Pacific storm marching across the USA will be able to tap into the cold air bringing accumulating snow and wind.

Snow will be extensive over the next week and a half. The graphic below shows expected snowfall over the ten days. As you can see, the Rockies and portions of the Northern Plains, Pacific Northwest, Great Lakes and Northeast have more snow coming your way.