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Date: 3/18/2019

Title: Blizzards, Floods and Tornadoes

Sometimes the month of March can be a stormy one... And this year has been no exception! As winter turns to spring, the clash of cold air masses from the north and warmer air from the south creates turbulent weather conditions over all regions of the U.S.

The month of March is barely half over but we have already had killer tornadoes, a huge blizzard and now severe flooding. The strong contrast between warm and cold will likely result in more stormy weather for the remainder of March and likely into April.

The unusually cold March temperatures have helped to fuel the strong storms, heavy snow, heavy rains and powerful winds. The graphic below shows temperatures since March 1st. Almost all of the nation is in blue or green, which represents far below normal temperatures.

Severe flooding in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and others will continue in the coming days and weeks due to ice jamming in combination with heavy rains, deep melting snow-pack and a deep permafrost in the Upper Midwest. Unfortunately, the stage is likely set for more severe flooding in the coming days, weeks and perhaps months in many areas of the Upper Midwest, Corn Belt and perhaps portions of the Rockies later in spring season as snow-pack in the mountains begins to melt.

Stock growers will have to remain vigilant in the coming weeks as more severe weather will develop at times. Expect more chances for snow in the west and north as well as increasing severe weather in the south and Midwest.