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Date: 4/15/2019

Title: Active Spring Weather

For those of you who like to watch the weather the spring weather pattern so far has not disappointed. Big snow storms, heavy rains and severe thunderstorms have been common since March across the nation.
Unfortunately, the stormy spring weather has been tough on livestock in many areas. The blizzards, the colder than normal temperatures and now the severe weather outbreaks have made matters worse in many areas.
We are entering the highest probabilities in the south and southeast for severe weather to develop. The graphic below shows the probabilities of tornado activity for the middle of April. The past weekend brought devastating severe thunderstorms and tornadoes to many areas of the south.The benefit of the stormy weather is increased moisture (except in the flooding areas of the Midwest). There are very few areas of the nation suffering from dryness/drought this spring as you can see in the graphic below.