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Date: 4/22/2019

Title: Snowpack and California Reservoir Update

Although the snowpack season is winding down, there are still some heavy, wet snows to come to the mountains of the west before the warm season. Even if the snows stopped in the west, the snowpack season will end very well for most of the Rocky Mountain West as well as the Sierras of California.

The graphic below shows a sampling of snowpack conditions as of this past weekend. The large areas of light blue, blue and green show areas of near to well above normal snowpack levels. The large area of dark blue in California, Nevada, Utah and Oregon show snowpack levels greater than 150% of normal.

There will be a lot of water flowing into the reservoirs of the west this spring and early summer. Many reservoirs in the west will have more inflow from runoff this year and hopefully higher storage levels.

One such location that will do well this runoff season will be the Northern Sierra of California.

The blue line in the middle of the graph shows the Northern Sierra snowpack is well above normal (light blue area).

Reservoirs in California are off to a good start as you can see in the graphic below.