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Date: 5/17/2019

Title: June Outlook

After a very cool and sometimes wet weather pattern for many in the month of May, folks are ready for warmer temperatures. In some areas, you can expect drier weather conditions in June.  For most of the western and central areas of the nation, May was cool and wet with only far southeastern states experiencing a warmer and drier May.

The flooding concerns that developed in the western and northern Corn Belt late this winter and early spring continued through the month of May. The second half of May was a wet one for many beef producers in the central and wester states. The precipitation will be beneficial for hay crops and range conditions in many areas.

Soil moisture conditions across the nation by the middle of May were great, with only a few dry areas in the far northwest areas of the country.
Looking forward into the month of June the trend of cool and wet looks like it will continue for some areas of the USA. Most notably - the Rockies, the High Plains and parts of the western Corn Belt will continue to see above normal precipitation. As you can see in the graphic below, the large area of green (above normal precipitation) covers many areas of the central and west. Brown areas show where precipitation may be a little below normal.

The above normal precipitation will likely keep many areas of the central and western states in a temperature pattern that will be near to cooler than normal. Wet soils tend to keep temperatures from getting too hot.

Looking further ahead into July and August, the wet weather trends will continue as you can see in the graphic below.

All the green and blue areas represent locations that will have a good chance at above normal precipitation. Only the far southeastern parts of the USA look to have a drier than normal summer pattern.