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Date: 5/28/2019

Title: Winter and Summer Weather Across the Nation

A stagnant jet stream weather pattern across North America has resulted in a log jam of different weather across the USA. This pattern has resulted in a continuation of colder and wetter than normal weather across Rockies, High Plains and portions of the Corn Belt. On the other side of the nation a warmer and drier than normal pattern has been persistent in the east and southeast areas of the nation.

In between the colder conditions in the west and the warmer conditions in the east has resulted in a lot of severe weather (severe thunderstorms, tornadoes and hail) in the Midwest and South.  

The graphic below shows temperatures relative to normal over the past 30 days. The blue, green and purple areas show the extensive colder than normal temperatures in the northern and western states and the warmer areas (yellow, orange) in the east, southeast and far northwestern areas.

The area between the cold and warmer areas in the Midwest has fueled the tornadoes and severe weather over the past two weeks.

Soil moisture conditions continue to be well above average in many areas which continues to cause more planting delays in the western and northern Corn Belt.