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Date: 6/3/2019

Title: Snowpack in June?

It is not often that we are discussing snowpack in the month of June, however, with the cold and wet weather in in the western states this spring, there is a lot snow still sitting on the high slopes of the Rockies. A fair amount of this snow will remain well into summer.

The graphic below shows snowpack levels in the west. It is important to mention that these figures are based on what snowpack conditions are normally like based on time of year (date). Notice all the blue areas. The blue areas show snowpack conditions greater than 150% of normal. Note the levels in WY, NE, ID, UT and CO. There some drainages that are as high as 2788% of normal in UT, 1544% of normal in NM and 1016% of normal in CO.

There is hope that the cool and wet spring in the west will also mitigate the wildfire season in the Rockies and Far West. At time last year there were already wildfires breaking out in the Rockies, however, the wildfire season so far has stayed north of the border into Canada.