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Date: 8/27/2019

Title: A Cool Start to September-Relief for Texas

Several shots of cooler, Canadian air will make its way into portions of the USA in the coming weeks bringing the first salvos of “fall like” weather from the east slopes of the Rockies to the Great Lakes.

This week and into the start of Labor Day weekend, two cool fronts will drop south out of western and central areas of Canada.  The cooler air will penetrate south into the Southern Plains bringing relief from the extreme heat and humidity over the past several weeks.
Temperatures in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and New Mexico will ease some over the next two weeks.
Notice the wedge of cooler air in the graphic below during last days of August into early September.

In addition to cooler temperatures, there will be some rainfall as well. Above normal amounts of rain will move into parts of Corn Belt and Northern Plains in the next two weeks as you can see in the graphic below.

There are some areas of the western Corn Belt that are too wet, especially portions of Nebraska and the Dakotas.