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Date: 9/23/2019

Title: Hot in the East, Colder in the West

A very interesting weather patterns of a extremes will be developing across the nation in the next seven to ten days. A large contrast in temperatures will be across the lower 48 states.

Hot weather which has developed in the southeastern and eastern United States over the past couple of weeks will persist as a large high-pressure system will remain intact bringing hot and humid air in from the Gulf Coast states. Very warm late September and early October weather will be found in many areas of the central and east.

However, it will be a different story out west. Over the past couple of weeks, cooler and sometimes wet weather has moved into the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies with even a little bit of high elevation snow. By this coming weekend and into next week (right at the beginning of October), confidence is increasing that a big change to colder and wet weather will move into the western USA.

The graphic below shows the expected temperatures in relation to normal values by next Wednesday, October 2nd.  The red, orange areas in the east show much above normal temperatures while the shot of much colder air shows up in the central and west with the blue and green temperatures.

Therefore, it will all depend on where you live in regard to the start of fall. More like summer in the east and more like fall out west. The threat of freezing temperatures and some snow is a real threat by early October for many areas in the west.