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Date: 9/30/2019

Title: Record Snow and Record Heat at the Same Time

When seasons change there can be a large contrast in weather conditions across the USA as the tug of war between season changes can bring about wild weather. This past weekend was a good example of the extremes that can develop.

While record high temperatures were reported across the central, southern and eastern areas of the USA this weekend, record cold and record snow took place across the Northern Rockies and portions of southwest Canada.

In parts of Northwest Montana, up to four feet of snow fell this weekend with places like Great Falls, MT experiencing record snowfall amounts (19.3”). The graphic below shows snow cover across North America as of the morning of September 30, 2019.

The contrast of record cold and snow and record heat in the central and east will even out some over the next two weeks as some of the colder air in the west will spread east into the central and eastern areas of the country by late this week and into the weekend and next week.