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Date: 10/15/2019

Title: Powerful Winter Storm

The second major early winter storm of the season hit the Northern Plains hard over the past week. Damaged crops, livestock loses, and deadly travel hit North Dakota and portions of South Dakota hard late last week.

This storm, in addition to the big storm that hit Montana in late September is a bit worrisome if both storms are a signal of what is come this winter.

With many unfinished crops in the ground the storm was devasting to agricultural interests. The map below shows the snow totals from last week’s storm.

Unfortunately, more winter weather is headed for the Northern Plains and Northern Rockies by late this weekend and into early next week. Although the next storm will not be as intense, colder, windy and wintry weather will hit many of the same areas impacted by the last storm.

The graphic below shows the possibility for more snow and cold late this weekend and early next week. Beef producers in the Northern Rockies and Northern Plains should be prepared for more winter weather conditions.