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Date: 10/21/2019

Title: Acting Like Winter in the West

Since late September, there have been three strong winter like storms that have rolled through the Northern Rockies and the Northern Plains. All three storms have brought record cold and record snow to portions of Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota and Minnesota. Looking ahead it appears there are more winter like storms headed to the western states before the month of October comes to a close.

Beef producers in the Rockies and the Northern Plains should pay close attention to the weather has some stressful winter-like weather conditions will be found at times through the end of the month.

The graphic below shows the snowfall potential over the next ten days across the nation. Note the extensive area of predicted snow over Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota and Nebraska. Snow may fall all the way south into New Mexico and west Texas and even in the mountains of Arizona.

In addition to the snow threat temperatures by early next week and up to Halloween may be very cold in the western states. As you can see below, temperatures are expected to be far below normal by the end of October for the western half of the nation.