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Date: 10/28/2019

Title: Very Cold and Snowy October Weather

The month of October has been a snowy one so far for many areas of North America and other areas of the Northern Hemisphere. After a slow start in September, snow has really increased across the Northern Hemisphere in October. The snow cover is partly responsible for the major outbreak of cold temperatures that will be found this week across the USA.

The graphic below shows the extent of snow cover across the Northern Hemisphere as of this past Saturday. Note the extensive area of snow over Siberia, Canada and Greenland and the Rockies.

There is more coming over the next two weeks. See the prediction below for the Northern Hemisphere over the next two weeks. The additional snow cover will help increase the buildup of cold air in the higher latitudes heading into November.

Looking into early December the long-range forecast is quite snowy for the USA and elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere. If this forecast comes to fruition, it could have implications for a very cold start to winter in many parts of the country.