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Date: 11/11/2019

Title: Snowpack Update

The snowpack in the Rockies is well ahead of normal as we head into mid-November. Many of the key snowpack areas of the Rockies have well above average snowpack conditions for this time of year. The very snowy October (the 3rd snowiest in North America since 1967) played a big part in building the snowpack in the Rockies.

The opposite is true in the Sierras and the Pacific Northwest where snowpack conditions are the opposite (well below normal). Notice all the blue and green in the Northern and Central Rockies (above normal snowpack) and the red and yellow in the Sierras and Pacific Northwest (below normal snowpack).

Across the rest of the Northern Hemisphere snow cover is above normal and extensive as you can see in the graphic below. The extensive snow cover will aid in the development of more cold air masses in the higher latitudes for the rest of November and into December.