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Date: 12/2/2019

Title: Snow Cover Increasing

Two very intense winter storms traversed the lower 48 states over Thanksgiving Week wreaking havoc for holiday travelers and making from some very stressful weather conditions for livestock across many parts of the nation.

Snow has been piling up in the western states and parts of the Northern Plains and Great Lakes since October. Snowpack levels are above normal over the Rockies and the biggest snows of the season so far occurred over the Sierra Nevada of California and Nevada.

The amount of snow so far has been well above normal in many areas and the snows have come early. The graphic below shows the snow cover across the USA and Canada after the Thanksgiving Week storms. The snow is deepest in the Rockies and the Great Lakes region. Note the southern extent of the snow south into Arizona.


As the Northern Hemisphere winter deepens, note the extensive snow and ice building over North America, Russia/Asia and northern Europe. Increasing snow cover combined with the long nights and short days of winter will lead to more cold and snowy weather as head into December and January.