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Date: 12/23/2019

Title: Year End Drought Update

While 2019 will end with some areas of the USA with dry conditions, a large part of the nation remains in favorable soil moisture conditions.

The graphic below shows the most recent Drought Status Update as of December 17th.

Recent rains (with more to come) has brought almost all of California back to normal status. The Pacific Northwest remains drier than normal and that will remain a concern into January. The dry areas in the Four Corners region has a good chance in the coming months to see increased chances for rain and snow and some of that dryness has a good chance of being alleviated.

The dry areas of southwest Kansas and part of Texas will need to be monitored. Like the Four Corners region, the chances of increased precipitation will be better January through March in the Southern Plains. Hopefully that increased precipitation will develop in early 2020.

Elsewhere across the rest of the nation no one will enter 2020 in drought conditions.