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Date: 2/10/2020

Title: Getting Dry in California

The rainy season in California has been far from rainy. While there has been a trend toward colder temperatures recently rainfall and snowfall in the Sierra Nevada has fallen short of normal.

After a wet 2019 in California and a return of enhanced soil moisture and snowpack, 2020 is off to a dry start. The most recent drought status is shown below.  Not the area of yellow showing up in the Central Valley area of California. The drier than average precipitation is easing some in the Pacific Northwest, however, recent rain and snow has helped and there is more on the way.

The dryness also persists in the Four Corners region; however, the rest of February and the month of March may bring better rain/snow chances to those areas. We will continue to monitor the dryness in the far west, especially California as the dryness may persist for another couple of weeks.