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Date: 3/30/2020

Title: Be Ready for Cold Weather in the West

Springtime warmth will be on hold in the western states and parts of the Northern Plains as we head into early April. Cold air which has been locked up in the higher latitudes for most of the winter season will begin to push south into the west later this week and again next week.

Beef producers who will be involved in calving operations in April should be prepared for some colder and wet conditions, especially in the Rockies, the Northern Plains and portions of the Pacific Northwest.

Temperatures are likely to be below average for the first two weeks of April from the West Coast eastward into the western High Plains. Episodes of rain and snow will be accompanying the colder temperatures as well.

The graphic below shows the expected temperature range across North America through the first full week of April. Note the blue and green (cold) in the west and the large area of purple (very cold temperatures) in western Canada. The cold air from Canada will likely push south into the Rockies and Pacific Northwest next week.


As the colder air advances east into the Midwest, Southern Plains and southeastern states there will be strong chance for outbreaks of severe weather as the two air masses will collide. April is likely going to be stormy month with cold, rain and snow in the west and north with severe weather in the central, southeast and east.