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Date: 6/24/2019

Title: July Outlook

The summer of 2019 got off to a very slow start in June as temperatures remained cooler than normal over a large part of the nation. Precipitation was also above normal in many areas. This was especially true in the Midwest, Corn Belt, High Plains and Rockies.

Over the 4th of July holiday, there will be many campsites in the Rockies and Sierras still under snow as the very cool period of May and June kept the mountain snowmelt from accelerating.

As we look into July, the expected temperatures and conditions for the next month will be impacted by what we experienced in June. The very wet soils in the central and western areas of the nation will keep temperatures from getting too warm. While we do expect some very warm summer days in July, we do not expect the development of any drought conditions in the key ag areas.

The graphic below shows expected temperatures for July. Blue represents cooler than normal temperatures and the warmer areas in yellow and orange. Note the cool temperatures in the central areas of the nation and the warmer temperatures along the West Coast and East Coast. Relative to normal temperatures will be the most warm in the Pacific Northwest and West Coast.

In regards to precipitation, there are no areas of severe dryness expected. The green and blue areas show above normal precipitation, the white areas near normal and the brown areas below normal. Most of nation will have near to above normal precipitation in July with the Southern Plains and southeastern states the most wet.