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Date: 6/24/2019

Title: Delayed Summer

The first weekend of summer was more like the first weekend of spring or fall rather than summer in many areas of the nation. An unseasonably strong storm system brought snow to as low as 7000 feet across portions of Montana, Wyoming and Colorado over the weekend.

Mountain passes were closed due to heavy snowfall in the above mentioned states and up to two feet of snowfall was reported on the closed ski slopes of Steamboat Ski area in northern Colorado.

The cold and wet weather during the first weekend of summer was just a continuation of the colder than normal and wet spring season which covered a very large part of the nation. With the exception of the Pacific Northwest and East Coast areas, the rest of the nation has been colder than normal and wet.

Crop development is far behind in the Corn Belt and there are many rangeland areas with very muddy conditions. 

Over the next week, there is good news for many as warmer temperatures will return to most of the nation from the Rockies and points east into the Corn Belt and Midwest. In addition to warmer temperatures and less rainfall is expected in some western and central areas.  The drier conditions will be welcomed by many.

However, long term trends keep the temperatures near to below average in the central areas of the USA. Only the far western and eastern areas of the USA will experience warmer than normal  temperatures over the next 45 days as you can see in the graphic below.