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Date: 3/2/2020

Title: Better Rain Chances for California

Some small but important changes in the Pacific Ocean will result in better chances for needed precipitation in the far west including California and parts of the Desert Southwest. A more active jet stream will develop from the Gulf of Alaska, south into California over the next few weeks. The result will be better chances for snow in the Sierras and rain along the coastal areas and Central Valley of California.

The graphic below shows a predictive model of forecasted precipitation over the next 30 days in the western states. Note the red and orange areas over the Pacific Northwest and California.

While these rain/snow amounts will not be enough to erase the rain deficit from December to February it does look like March and April will be more productive with rainfall and mountain snow in the far west.

Snow pack conditions remain well below average in the Sierras as well as some drainages in the Desert Southwest.