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Date: 3/16/2020

Title: Winter Makes Comeback Out West

After a mild start to the month of March, winter weather will be making a comeback this week, especially in the western states. Beef producers, especially those who have started calving operations need to be prepared for a sharp drop in temperatures, wind, rain and then snow.

A storm system moving out of California and into Colorado Wednesday night and Thursday will bring rain, snow and much colder temperatures to the Rockies and adjacent High Plains. A wedge of much colder air from Canada will slide in behind this storm dropping temperatures fall below normal.

The map below shows the expected snowfall across the USA over the next ten days. Note the heavy snows in the Central Rockies eastward into Nebraska, South Dakota and into Minnesota and Wisconsin.

This change in the weather will be stressful on livestock as the snow will combine with much colder temperatures and wind chill.

The graphic below shows a large expanse of much colder temperatures by the end of the week. Note the large areas of blue and green (colder than normal).