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Date: 5/11/2020

Title: Drought Update

With the second half of spring underway and summer right around the corner let us look at some areas of concern across the United States when it comes to drought areas.

Although a large part of the nation has adequate soil moisture going into the growing season, we have some areas of concern, especially in parts of the south and west. 

The graphic below shows the current drought status as of May 5, 2020. White areas represent near to above average soil moisture, while the yellow, brown and red areas highlight where very dry or drought areas exist. The Corn Belt and Midwest areas continue to show adequate or above average soil moisture conditions. However, are looking at a few areas where dryness continues.

One area of concern is in the Southern Rockies and Southern Plains. A very dry area continues to develop in portions of southern Colorado and northern New Mexico and into Kansas and Oklahoma. Far south Texas continues to be dry as well. 

Central and northern areas of California and the Pacific Northwest continue to show very dry to drought conditions.